A to Z 2017–B is for Bubbles

Today’s entry is just a bit of silliness. Enjoy!

B is for Bubbles

“I told you, I don’t really want to be here.” Calvin Wentworth felt every bit as uptight and uncomfortable as his friend and investment partner accused him of being. But Jasper had been right about the payoff, and now Jasper said he needed to spread some of his windfall around. “Besides,” said Calvin, “I really don’t get the point of an expensive water bar.” He sighed as they found seats at a tall table that was apparently hand-blown glass. “I’d rather have a beer.”

Jasper never looked at him. “Enough. Get over it.” He paused to smile and wave at one of the scantily-clad water waitstaff who acknowledged him with a nod. “Besides, we’re here now. People will see you. People will talk. It’s all good for the public profile. Just roll with it.”

He finally turned to Cal and lightly popped his chest with the back of one hand. “Relax. It’s only water.”

“I know. That’s kind of my point.” Calvin still wasn’t convinced, but stopped his complaint as the waitress approached their table.

“Good afternoon, gentlemen.” She smiled with white teeth that seemed almost to glow slightly. “My name is Brooke. What can I refresh you with today?”

Calvin tried not to roll his eyes. Jasper was grinning like a fool. “Do you still have the Artesian Niagara? I tasted that last week and it was wonderful. Just the right amount of natural sweetness.”

“I know,” replied Brooke. “Isn’t it wonderful? Do you want the 10 ounce or the 16?”

“Definitely the 16.”

Did Jasper actually wink at her? Oh brother.

The waitress then turned in an entirely too perky way to Calvin. “And for you, sir?”

Calvin sighed as Jasper started talking again. “Cal just discovered that he’s filthy rich. Like, offshore banking rich.”

“Shut up, Jasper. Geez…”

Jasper ignored him. “What do you have to really celebrate?”

“Well,” said Brooke, “we just got a special item added to the sparkling menu.” She leaned in, almost conspiratorially. “It’s a super natural seltzer. Bubbles, you know!”

“Sounds perfect! Bring him the tall glass!”

“Dude!” Calvin leaned over to shout at Jasper in a stage whisper. “You’re making me feel like an idiot!”

Jasper chuckled and Calvin wondered why he hadn’t noticed what a jerk the guy was before the company took off. “You just need to relax, Cal. Loosen up!”

“I’m as loose as I need to be,” said Calvin. “I just don’t know why I suddenly need a glass of twenty-dollar water just because my bank account is a little bigger.”

“Gentlemen?” Brook returned with a silver tray bearing two cut crystal goblets. “The Artesian Niagara,” she said as she placed the first glass in front of Jasper.


“And for you, sir,” she lifted the second glass. “European spring water.” The goblet clinked on the glass table. “Bubbles will be…”

“I get it,” said Calvin. “It’s sparkling water. Of course it has bubbles.”

“Oh,” said Brooke. “I think you misunderstand. Sir, meet Bubbles.”

“Hello!” A woman with lavender hair and… were those wings?… bounced up to the table. “My name is Bubbles. I have the gift of carbonation.”

She placed a finger in Calvin’s glass and started to gently effervesce. “I hope you enjoy my supernatural seltzer.”

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