A to Z 2017–R is for Run

R is for Run

Marcus looked up as the sun slipped behind dark clouds. “Uh oh. Guys, I gotta go. My mom will kill me if I get caught in the rain.”

After a brief round of, “see you later, man,” and one, “I’ll call you after dinner,” Marcus started home. He wasn’t too concerned. The forecast this morning said it shouldn’t start raining until after eight and it wasn’t even five yet. Still, the forecast wasn’t always right, and those clouds looked pretty bad.

As he walked up Juniper Lane, one block over from the park, he slowed just a little. I really couldn’t hurt anything to take a couple extra minutes just in case Mary Braxton was in front of her house. Right? He had plenty of time to get home.

He passed Mary’s house—the one on the corner with the red front door and dark green shutters—but didn’t see her. Well, it’s not like he’d planned it. Just hoped. Oh well.

But as he crossed Maple to the next block over, he heard his name.

“Hi, Marcus!” He turned to see her head poking over the top of her backyard fence.

He doubled back. “Hey, Mary!” He fought to keep a stupid grin off his face. She was definitely the prettiest girl in the seventh grade.

As he neared her house again her head dropped down and she came out the gate. “So,” she said, “what did you get on the social studies quiz? I only got 82. Forgot to study the bicameral houses stuff and got their powers mixed up. Oh, hey. Are you going to the dance next week? Jennifer asked me to spend the night that night afterwards, but I thought maybe we could all hang out together since you’re probably hanging with Dave and he’s kind of Jennifer’s boyfriend. I definitely caught them kissing after school the other day. Oh my god her mom would totally flip if she knew. Their family is super strict.”

As Mary rambled on, Marcus allowed the stupid grin to take over. She wanted to go to the dance with him! “Wow,” he said. “Yeah, Dave and I will probably hang…” Marcus cut off abruptly as thunder rumbled overhead. “Crap! I really have to go.” He started walking away, backwards. “Talk to you during lunch tomorrow?” He didn’t wait for an answer before he turned and started running toward home.

It was only two more blocks to his house, but he hadn’t realized how dark it had gotten while he was talking to Mary. This was definitely going to be a bad storm… and definitely bad for him if he didn’t get home quick.

The wind whipped the trees and he ran faster.

He turned up Elm Avenue just as the first fat raindrops fell from the sky. “Crap!” he yelled again as he made a beeline for his house… third one on the right with the green roof and grey trim.

It was already too late. The clouds opened up and soaked him to the skin almost instantly.

He pulled open the front door and stood dripping in the entry as his mother came around the corner holding a towel. “I told you not to get caught in the rain,” she said. “You know what happens.”

“I know,” he said as he dried his face and hair. “But believe me, I ran!”

She took the towel from his hands. “I can see that. Do you have any idea how long it takes to get your face back on.”

“Sorry,” he said, looking up from the towel in her hand.



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