About Me

amyI am, at the moment, what one might refer to as an “emerging author.” What this means in practice is that I am actively working towards becoming published, but I haven’t exactly arrived yet.

My genre, if I’m pushed to pick only one, leans towards fantasy, though I’m also drawn to light sci-fi, or anything laced with a bit of magical realism.  I enjoy writing young adult fiction – I don’t think a story has to be overly complex to be worth reading – but I won’t necessarily limit myself to writing for teens and young adults. I like humor, light, color, and the triumph of good over evil (but only after a considerable amount of stress and aggravation to make things interesting, of course). Generally speaking, I strive to see the good in the world, the magical in the mundane, the light in the darkness, and the transcendent in the ordinary.

I am a Christian writer, but I admit to being a bit baffled by most “Christian fiction.” Works of fiction do not need to beat a reader over the head with a particular belief system to be of value. Human creativity, in all its forms, is a reflection of God’s creativity. I’m comfortable with that, and I hope that people of many faiths and traditions find something that speaks to them in what I write.

I am a Californian at heart, but I currently reside in North Texas with one husband, two grown children, and a pair of neurotic dogs.


Elizabeth McCleary is the pen name of Amy Padgett.
She is not the same Amy Padgett who publishes as Amy Corwin.