Fire: An Anthology

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Fire! It warms our bones and purifies but can also destroy – especially in the wrong hands. This anthology unites twelve writers from around the world in the first book of their Elements series.

Meet the troubled girl who claims she can predict fires, a young witch travelling by SparkFlyte, and a Greek god’s muse. See what happens when man harnesses fire and when global warming soars out of control. Flee from a dragon, discover why it’s dangerous to be human during the Flame Games, and experience the healing touch of Kali. Watch the havoc wreaked by a man of unwavering faith, take heart from a young woman changed by her philosopher, and explore the myriad dangers of getting what you wish for.

Through its stories of magic, death, destruction and rebirth, this Fire anthology showcases imagination at its best. You will be enthralled from the first page to the last.

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