Flash Fiction in Progress

Well, it’s finally decided. Kind-of by default. It might not be what I was originally planning to do, but it’s what I can do in the time I have.

This month’s project is officially flash fiction. I’m working on compiling a handful of stories that will, if all goes according to plan, be available by the end of the month. (The longer fiction projects aren’t going away – they are just getting extended so I have more time for both planning and execution.)

It might kill me, but I will get this done. If for no other reason than I’ve broken enough commitments to myself for one lifetime. This doesn’t need to be another one.

And next month, since I already (stupidly) committed to the A to Z challenge, I’m going to be writing some kind of short fiction every weekday during the month.

  • flash fiction stories of around 500 words
  • extreme flash fiction stories of around 30 words
  • microfiction stories of around 10 words

And, of course, those stories will each start with their respective letter of the alphabet. (Or be named for… or have the main character named for… whatever works.)

Oh, and note to self: Next year, I am committing to a smaller number of slightly bigger projects. I’m only on month 3 of my commitment to publish monthly and I can officially say that a 4-week time frame for deadlining myself is simply NOT feasible for the long term. The unexpected comes up too often. It’s just too hard to build flexibility into a schedule that snug.

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