Free mini-class from Holly!

Hey – I know this is late notice. But I just found out that Holly is offering 3 free mini-workshops leading up to the re-launch of Think Sideways.

This class would be a perfect way to get a feel for Holly’s teaching style before making the commitment to one of her big classes. As I said, this  is 100% free, but it’s designed to help you develop some story ideas, right out of the box, and it comes complete with downloadable worksheets!

JimCarrey-youcanfailIf you’re interested (and why not… it’s free!!!), click this link to get the Three Free Writing Mini-Workshops. You won’t find this on her main site – it’s only for people referred by other members. Doesn’t that make you feel special!

So go get it now! All that’s required is an email address.

Note: The link above is an affiliate link. If you purchase anything after clicking that link, I may receive compensation.

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