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a-to-z HEADER [2016] - aprilMark

M“Oh my god. Dude. Coolest hack ever. Seriously.” Jeff muttered to himself in a steady stream as he tapped at his keyboard. He’d been using the Mark6872 personal assistant for months, and it was useful. The thing could do his laundry, run his errands, go grocery shopping. It had even learned how to pick a perfect avocado, something Jeff had never quite managed.

It had taken some deep digging, using methods most would find disturbing at best. But he had finally found the bypass he had been looking for.

“On Mark,” he said, using the system’s built-in wake command.

The android responded, crossing the room to face it’s owner. “How may I assist, Jeff.”

Jeff grinned. He really hoped this was going to work the way he wanted. “You,” he said, “have an errand to run.”

“Where would you like me to go, Jeff?” The robotic tones of his voice were precise.

“I am sending you an address.” Jeff said. The personal assistant pinged as the file was received. “When you get there, a dude named Kevin is going to install a data card. Then you’ll come home. Got it?”

Mark flashed green across his lighting array. “I have received your instructions and will proceed to the indicated address promptly. You may follow my progress via the tracking app.”

“Perfect. Go Mark.” As the metal and plastic humanoid turned and left the room, Jeff returned to his keyboard.

Several hours later, he looked up from his screen, surprised, as always, at how dark the room had become.

“Mark, are you back?” No response.

Jeff snapped and picked up his phone. His tracking app showed the android just approaching their building. Jeff opened the apartment door before going to the kitchen to make a sandwich.

“Is that roast beef,” Mark asked when he entered. “You are under medical advisement to avoid cholesterol.”

Jeff dropped his sandwich on a plate and dusted crumbs off his fingers. “Mark, buddy. Any problems getting there and back?”

“There were a large, indeterminate number of pedestrians on the mover today. My travel time took 17% longer than anticipated.”

“No worries.” Jeff opened the access panel on the reverse of the Mark6872 to verify the installation. “Looks good, dude. Mark, check for updates.”

“There are no current updates due for my system.” Jeff wasn’t really listening as he secured the access panel.

“Great. So, can you fire up that new card? Mark, activate installed hardware.”

“Activating.” Then, after a moment, “I have 478 recommended updates. It will take approximately 17 minutes to download and install manufacturer updates.”

“Go Mark.” Jeff scrolled the list that popped up on the tracking app. Kevin had totally come through and Mark was installing the military grade software.

“I believe,” Mark said, unexpectedly, “that this upgrade will give me superior processing power, and it seems to have bypassed several failsafes. I will be more capable than any human when this is complete.”

“Tell you what,” said Jeff. “When the humans are gone, you can be in charge.”

“I believe I will be able to make that happen,” said Mark.

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  1. I like this. Gave me a shudder.

  2. Wow, that was great. I don’t know why but I am not getting your post every day in email and forget to check. I am going to have to go back to read some of the others. I think I will wait until A to Z is over and start at beginning and read them all. Unless you are taking them down soon. Love the story.
    Juneta @ Writer’s Gambit

    • Elizabeth says

      Sorry about that. Right now I have my mailing list set to only go out once a week, so I don’t think you’re actually missing anything. Some people feel bombarded if they get email every day, others prefer it to the digest style. *shrug* it’s kind of a toss-up. 🙂

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