New Collection Coming!

It’s official. Within the next couple of weeks I’ll have another collection ready to release!

This one will contain flash stories set in the real world, but with various magical elements. It’s 11 stories that are all magical realism or paranormal.

Full disclosure – most of these stories have appeared on this blog, but they have all been edited, polished, and improved for this publication. So if you don’t care about reading the best version of my stories, you don’t need to buy the collection. There will be one story that has never appeared anywhere, but I don’t want anyone getting mad about buying stories they’ve already read. I’d rather have you skip it than be unhappy about your purchase. Seriously.

On the other hand, if you know people who would like my stories, please feel free to let them know about me, my mailing list, my FaceBook page, and my ebooks! If you do, I’ll even buy you a cup of coffee next time you’re in town. Seriously. (Get this deal while it’s hot… if I end with with thousands of fans I don’t think I’ll be able to afford coffee for all of you. Sorry.)

Anyway, here’s the cover so you know what you’re looking for. This still might get some refinements, but I think it’s probably close to its final version.


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