Official: Think Sideways on February 27th

Registration Re-opens on FEBRUARY 27th…for just 7 days. How To Think Sideways Ultra

How to Think Sideways: Career Survival School for Writers (affiliate link) is the most comprehensive “how to write fiction for a living” course I’ve ever seen.

It’s Holly’s most popular course.

It’s a course that has graduated many, many students who have gone on to professional writing careers.

On FEBRUARY 27th at 10 AM ET, registration will be open for seven days.

At the end of that seven days, HTTS will be unavailable for at least a year.

So if you’re considering signing up for this amazing class, consider quickly. Registration re-opens in a week, and it will only be open for a week.

And don’t forget, if you sign up using my affiliate links, you will get some special bonuses from me. I’ll let you know what those bonuses are when Holly opens the launch.

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