Stop Dragon My Heart Around–Blog Hop February 2021

Our hop is later than usual. We wanted the chance to do a Valentine’s theme. So, here you go!

Love is in the air.

Stop Dragon My Heart Around

Ginny counted her money twice. Eight dollars and thirty-seven cents. That’s how much she had in the mason jar she kept in the bottom drawer of her dresser. It might be enough.
That morning, Mom had said it was time to face her fears. The thought of it made Ginny want to cry, but she was nine-years-old now. Dad said nine-year-olds don’t cry.
Snow HeartShe’d put her boots and coat on and told her mom she was going to play in the snow at the park with Shannon. What she actually did was walk all the way to the market. It took half an hour in summer, but snow is hard to walk in sometimes.
It took almost forty minutes to get to the store. Now she was cold and tired and trying to choose from the pretty, heart-shaped boxes filled with all different kinds of candy. She really wanted the chocolate. She liked chocolate the best and thought he might, too. But chocolate cost more than candy hearts or lollipops. And she also wanted to get a card.
As she stared at the selection, a lady from the store came and stood by her. “Looking for something special for your mom?” she asked.
“No,” said Ginny. “It’s for a … a friend.” She only hesitated for a second when she said it.
The store lady nodded.
“Chocolate is expensive.” Ginny sighed a little. “Maybe I should get the lollipops.”
The store lady grinned at her. “Actually,” she said, “I might have just the thing.”
Ginny followed as the lady walked to the end of the aisle.
“We put all these chocolates on clearance because the shipping box was damaged. Most of the boxes are dented or scratched. But the candy is still good, and they’re 75 percent off.” She handed a heart-shaped box with race cars on it to Ginny.
“Three dollars?” Ginny’s mouth hung open. “I can actually afford this…” she reached, “but this one is perfect!” She picked up a box with a dragon on it.
“We also have some discount valentine cards in the next aisle.”

After spending five dollars and seventy-eight cents, including tax, Ginny ran most of the way home. It only took twenty minutes and she rushed inside without thinking.
Bradley pounded down the stairs. “What’s in the bag, butt brain?”
“None of your business.” Ginny tried to push past him, but he was thirteen and a lot bigger than her. He was pulling the candy heart out of the store bag before she even knew he had it.
“A valentine? Ginny’s got a boyfriend, Ginny’s got a boyfriend.” He cackled and bumped her, almost knocking Ginny over.
“Bradley, that’s enough.” He froze when he saw mom’s non-nonsense face. “Leave your sister alone and come eat a sandwich. You, too, Ginny. As soon as you put that away.”
Ginny blushed, grabbed the box, and ran up the stairs to her room.

Leaning against her bedroom door, Ginny’s breath came almost in a whimper. Part of it was because Bradley made her so stinkin’ mad. But part of it was because she was so nervous about what she was actually going to do. She bought the candy. She may as well go through with it. What’s the worst that could happen?
She pulled a pen out of her backpack—the pretty one that wrote in gold glitter—and she signed her name on the bottom of the card. It had a dragon that went perfect with the candy box’s dragon.
“Stop dragon my heart around. Be my valentine,” it said.
Three deep breaths helped her feel a little braver.
Under her breath she said, “I don’t want to be afraid anymore. Please be my valentine.” She put the card on top of the box and put the box on the floor. “Let’s be friends.”
Her heart thundered as a scaly green foot with yellow claws dragged the box of candy under the bed.



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