The blog hop cometh…

It’s almost here!perpetualbloghop

I will be participating in another blog hop that will go live this coming Wednesday, January 27th.

Sort of.

Since we have authors from around the world participating, we’ll all be going live on or around midnight, UTC. For me, that’s 6PM on Tuesday, local time.

So if you’re interested in speculative fiction, flash fiction, and emerging authors (and if you’re on my site you probably are) check back here next Tuesday evening to check out the free stories!

In the mean time, feel free to peruse the sites of the other participating authors.

Katharina Gerlach
Juneta Key
Karen Lynn
Angela Woodridge
Barbara Lund
Kris Bowser
Justine Ohlrich
Rabia Gale
Mel Corbett


  1. This is awful! I just this minute (2 Feb 2016, about 6PM) got this email. It is dated 29 Jan 2016 for the blog hop that was scheduled for 27 Jan 2016. It came to my iCloud account, which ought to be an excellent service.

    Anyway, looks like I missed all the fun.

    Hope it was great!

    • Very strange that the message was last in the ether for that long. Most of the hop stories should still be live though. Go. Read. Enjoy!

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