Flashes of Magic: a flash fiction collection


Unquenchable passion.
Unexpected visitors.
Unparalleled works of art.
Unwavering focus.
The unrelenting drive to be, to know, to create, or to love.

Author Elizabeth McCleary presents 11 stories rooted in the reality you know, but with a taste of otherness that makes each a compelling and magical look at the world around us.

An obsessive sculptor creates her perfect man.
An unflappable paralegal finds the perfect loophole.
A seeker of fortune discovers what has true value.
A zombie outbreak generates an unavoidable urge.
An abused woman overcomes with the help of a special friend.
A cancer patient makes a life-altering connection.
An irritated sister bests her little brother.
A paranormal enthusiast finds an unexpected anomaly.
A determined hunter sets an illegal trap.
An angry office worker avoids her nemesis.
A heartbroken musician loses his hearing.

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