Halloween Pest–Blog Hop October 2020

Trick… or treat….

Or sometimes both.

This month’s Blog Hop is, unsurprisingly, focused on primarily Halloween adjacent stories. Some may be spooky. Some may be dark. Some, like mine, might be a little more kid friendly.

Buyer, beware. LOL

Many of these stories, mine included, are featured on the Alone In A Room With Invisible People podcast. There are two episodes (October 27, and October 31) chock full of Halloweeny goodness read by Holly Lisle, Rebecca Galardo, and Mark Hermann. 

Episode 1 can be found here with 21 amazing stories.
Episode 2 can be found here with 25 outstanding stories. My story is on this one at about 52:20.

And since you’re here, I hope you enjoy reading my lighthearted Halloween story.

Halloween Pest

Haley heard the footsteps just before Abel raced past, Dracula’s cape flapping behind. He reached out for her plastic pumpkin nearly knocking it out of her hand. Someone unidentifiable followed close behind, cackling through his skeleton mask. At least he didn’t swipe at her Halloween bucket.

“Jerk,” she muttered and adjusted her pirate patch. Haley wanted to yell but learned long ago that yelling at Abel only made things worse. Pretending it didn’t matter when he taunted her, something he did with annoying regularity, meant he didn’t have as much fun and stopped sooner.


Jordana laughed and nudged Haley’s shoulder. Her fortune-teller jewelry, strands of tiny silver coins dangling from her wrists, ankles, and forehead, jingled. She often emulated her mom’s so-called psychic powers. “I know he has a crush on you.”

“Yeah, well, he has a stupid way of showing it. I just want to be left alone for once.”

“Careful what you wish for, ” Jordana said. “Mom says Halloween has ears and gives answers.”

Haley stopped walking and stared at her best friend. “What does that even mean?” she asked.

“Heck if I know. Probably something about making wishes or whatever. Halloween is lucky. Good luck. Bad luck. It’s all the same, really.”

Haley sighed as she let her friend’s chatter wash over her. It never ended.

“One more block?” Jordana mumbled. Haley wasn’t sure when Jordana’s head had disappeared into her large black candy sack. “Maybe two blocks.” Her head emerged. “I want more chocolate.”

Haley’s shoulders lifted in a shrug. “I guess,” she said. She didn’t really care about the candy. She’d never had much of a sweet tooth.

“Just so the boys don’t come back. Abel isn’t even that cute. I told him once…” Haley tuned her out again, following in silence. It was just easier that way.

“You know,” Jordana said after a few more houses, “there’s a thing mom sometimes does when she wants to get rid of salesmen. Wanna try it on Abel?”


“Come on. What can it hurt?”

Haley didn’t resist when Jordana grabbed her arm and pulled her into the shadows between houses.

“Just picture Abel’s annoying face and repeat after me.” She put on her mother’s spooky fortune teller voice. “Hallows of the night, lend me your ear.”

“Oh brother, you’re kidding right?” Haley was definitely not into this.

“Just say it,” insisted Jordana.

“Fine. Hallows of the night, yada, yada….” Haley giggled.

“Say, ‘lend me your ear.” Jordana sounded serious.

After a deep breath to stop laughing, Haley finally said it.

“Make the pest…”

“Make the pest…” Haley repeated.


Before Haley could say it, Abel popped out from between the bushes followed by his skeleton-clad companion. “What boys? Who’s annoying?”

Jordana threw her hands in the air. “Oh my gosh, you really are a pest!”

“Disappear!” Haley said, almost whispering.

Silence whooshed into the void Jordana left behind.

Haley and Abel stared at each other. “She really was kind of a pest.”



I hope you’ll take the time to read the other stories in this Hop. These are some great writers and wonderful people. And if you like what you read, I hope you’ll consider joining their lists too. The world is a richer place when there are more stories to tell.

Please note, if you find links that don’t work, try again later. Sometimes it takes a little time to get the gremlins worked out.

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  1. Ooops! Careful what you wish for! 😀

  2. Nice story. I still want to see Abel disappear, though. Disappear, Abel.

  3. Whoopsey!

  4. Cool twist at the end.

  5. Fun, and a tricky ending!

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