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Liebster-award-2I’ve been nominated for the Liebster Award by Jean Schara, who is a retired Air Force veteran (thank you for your service!), a writer, and a lover of cats… lots and lots of cats. (See her blog for details.) Thank you, Jean, for pointing in my direction.

Here are the rules, more or less as I’ve been given them. (I thought the graphic was too small, and it looked like it was probably an unlicensed image from an image site, so I dumped it after copying the information it contained. For the record, I try not to perpetuate the use of unlicensed intellectual property. I want to get paid for my work, and I think other artists deserve the same respect. I’m sure that image didn’t originate with Jean, and probably not with the person who nominated her either. I’m not pointing any fingers, just trying to follow my own conscience.)

  1. Acknowledge the blogger who nominated you, and add a badge to your profile.
  2. Answer the 11 questions that blogger gave you.
  3. Give 11 random facts about yourself.
  4. Nominate 11 other blogs that have fewer than 200 followers.
  5. Let the bloggers know you have nominated them, and
  6. Give them 11 questions to answer.

Here are my eleven questions to answer:

1. Who is your favorite author?

Wow – talk about impossible questions. When asked about things like “favorite color” I usually respond with, “my favorite color of what?” Because you know, blue is a lovely color for the sky, but maybe not ideal for scrambled eggs. Same goes for authors – my favorite author of what? But so I don’t break the rules, I will give you a few of my favorites.

Note: some of these links are affiliate links. I may receive compensation if you purchase through them.

  • I think Brandon Sanderson is the most brilliant epic fantasy author of this generation.
  • I also love Neil Gaiman. His work is unique, quirky, entertaining, and undeniably good, across the board.
  • I’ve read nearly everything that Holly Lisle has written (still working on some of her back catalog), and especially enjoy her Cadence Drake/Settled Space novels (space opera type SF). I expect to read everything new she publishes for the forseeable future.
  • My current favorite mystery writer is Tana French who writes police procedurals built around the (fictitious) Dublin Murder Squad.
  • I think Jeff Goins is writing some of the best personal development non-fiction out there, and I will continue to buy and read everything he puts out.
  • Bill Johnson writes some of the most mind-blowing Christian non-fiction around. He will make you re-think everything you thought you knew.

I think that’s enough for now. I could probably name a dozen or more additional authors that fall into the “I’ll read anything they publish” categories.

2. If you had 3 wishes what would they be?

Gah. I hate these kinds of questions. It’s impossible to wish perfection for everybody – it’s the imperfections in life that make us who we are. With nothing to overcome, we have nothing to strive for and we never learn our strengths. That said, lets assume that these wishes are for our own personal, selfish reasons. So…

  1. Money. Lots of it. An essentially unlimited supply even. Then I could have whatever I personally needed as well as meeting the needs of lots of other people too.
  2. The unfailing ability to write both quickly and well, and to tell stories that are both entertaining and captivating. I’d love to write something that makes some 12-year-old somewhere declare an undying love of books. I can think of no more gratifying endorsement for any author.
  3. The ability to share truth and wisdom with people in a way that changes lives. I can say things here or in “real life” that might be true or even wise. But really changing things for other people is a different thing entirely and not necessarily easy. Knowing I could do or say something that would make someone’s life better in the long run would be a true gift.

3. If you were given a free round trip ticket to anywhere, where would you go?

Only one? If I have 2, I’d go with the hubby pretty much anywhere. If I only have one I guess I’d use it to tag along with my sister on one of her many adventures. 😀

4.  Would you rather live near the ocean, forest, mountains or a fourth option?

If my answer to question 2.1 was true (unlimited funds) I would gladly have residences in all those kinds of locations… I’ll choose the desert for option 4. The American southwest is beautiful.

If I can only choose one, I would probably go with something in California where I’m within striking distance of all those options. Woo hoo!

5. What is your favorite genre of music? 

I’ll admit it – I still love my ’80s pop. Sue me. 😀 I like a lot of other music too, but if I had to choose…

6. Plane, Train, Boat, Car or other for vacation travel?

It depends. I’ll fly anywhere you want to send me. Seriously. The train could be an adventure. I’m taking my first cruise later this year, so I’ll see how that goes. And a road trip where you can stop at interesting and unusual places along the way is always fun, especially if you have good company.

7. Where is your favorite place to escape from the daily grind to?

First, I apologize on behalf of this question – its grammar is terrible. LOL

But to answer, I have to admit a penchant for Starbucks.

8. What is your best memory?  (You probably have several, but pick one)

Standing on the pier in San Francisco with my best friend and the love of my life.

9. What is your favorite hobby?

Since writing is now my full-time occupation and not merely a hobby, I’ll say my favorite hobby is painting. And photography.

10.  What is the most memorable book you have read, or movie if not a big reader?

This is another question that could go lots of directions. I’ll go with Winnie The Pooh. It was my first favorite book, and I still consider Pooh and his friends to be some of my most steadfast companions. (A.A. Milne version, of course. NOT Disney version.)

11. Would you travel around the world in 80 days if you could?

In a heartbeat, camera in hand.

11 Random Facts About Me:

  1. I’m technically an introvert, but I really like to be around people. Well, the right people.
  2. I would wear nothing but jeans and t-shirts ever if I thought I could get away with it.
  3. Though I was once a die-hard TV addict, I’ve discovered that I don’t really miss it when I’m too busy to watch it.
  4. Coffee. Lots of it. But it either needs to have flavored creamer (or be something like a vanilla latte) or just be black. I find just cream and sugar in my coffee to be a little bit disgusting.
  5. I’m a bit of a tech nerd.
  6. I have an Associate’s degree in music, and I regret never following through on the Bachelor’s.
  7. I used to be a cat person. Now I’m more of a dog person. I still like cats though.
  8. I used to hate driving long distances. Now I kinda like it.
  9. Someday I want to run a marathon… or at least a half-marathon. But I hate running. Go figure.
  10. Take me snorkeling in Hanauma Bay. Please.
  11. Grew up an Air Force Brat. I’ve lived on both coasts, in Hawaii, and smack in the middle of the country. Sadly, we never went overseas as a family when I was a kid.

My Nominees (Since I have no way of knowing how many followers anyone has, I’m just nominating people I like and follow, all of them fellow authors. They can choose to participate or not as their time, interest, and conscience allow. My apologies to anyone already nominated for “piling on.” I tried to avoid it, but may have missed a few.):

  1. Wendy Smyer Yu – Wander-Bird
  2. Autumn Kaquist – Author of the Fractured Era Series
  3. Rabia Gale – Writer at Play
  4. Katharina Gerlach – Intelligent stories for clever readers
  5. Jenn Johnson – Inspire. Believe. Dream.
  6. Lyn Washington – Writer In Progress
  7. Peter Cruikshank – It Is What It Is
  8. Felicia Fredlund – Author of the Sorceress Island Series
  9. Kirsten Bolda – A Scenic Route
  10. Martha Gilstrap – Stories of wonder and magic
  11. C.L. Roth – Author of Cosmic Shift and Cosmic Chaos

And I’ll add a “twelfth man” too. If you’re not nominated and you want to be, please feel free to nominate yourself. I won’t tell. 😉

My Questions for My Nominees:

  1. What color shirt are you wearing right now? (If it’s multiple colors, choose the base or predominant color.)
  2. Have you traveled outside your native country? If so, where’d you go?
  3. You’re all writers. Tell me your primary genre, any secondary genres, and what genres you prefer to read. (Not all writers read in their own genre.)
  4. Who or what has been the biggest inspiration for your writing?
  5. Computer or longhand?
  6. Location of your ideal writer’s retreat. Where would you go to just write? Would you take someone with you, or go alone?
  7. Aside from writing, what other creative pursuits do you enjoy?
  8. If your life was a movie, who would you want to have play you? Or, if you prefer, if your book/story was a movie, who would you want to have play your main character and/or antagonist? Feel free to answer both of these if you wish.
  9. Coffee? Tea? Soda? Wine? Water? Double bourbon, no rocks? What is your beverage of choice? (Sorry – just looking for something different to ask.)
  10. Roller coaster or carousel?
  11. What interesting writing rituals do you have? Include anything you want… music you listen to, habits you have, whether the TV is on in the background, whether you pour coffee and let it sit there getting cold while you’re working (like I do). Whatever. The question is wide open.

That’s it. That’s all I got. I hope I didn’t bore you too much.



  1. Ref: Question #3–since it was a repeat of mine–Yes there would be two–more fun to share a journey.

    Yeah the 80’s music is what I grew up with and I am still partial to it. In fact the video I post on my blog in answer to one Tyrean’s question is video from that era.

    Visiting San Francisco with one of my best friends in 2011 was a favorite memory of mine too.

    Loved your facts and questions, well done!

    • Thanks, Juneta!

      I tried to think up interesting questions that would have interesting answers… give some friends a chance to natter on about things, should they so choose. 🙂

  2. Thank you for nominating me for this award! Awards are such a great way to learn a lot about our fellow blog-mates. I enjoyed learning some new things about you. 🙂
    There is nothing wrong with loving 80’s pop–and it seems that many of those songs have been given a new lease on life on iPhones everywhere. They will never go away! (the good stuff never does.)
    As for Question 10? Roller coaster all the way. I used to work on one, in fact. Wheee!!!!

  3. Wow! I came back from a long weekend to find this delightful invitation/award in my inbox! Thanks!

    I haven’t decided if I’m doing awards on my blog yet, though… still kind of leaning toward not… but then I read your post here and it was a fun read. Maybe my biggest problem is that I don’t know of eleven bloggers (who haven’t already done this, making it more difficult)… My bad for not visiting writers’ sites more often!

    • No worries. I won’t hold you to the rules if you decide to play. I also won’t be offended if you decide to opt out. You gotta do what you gotta do. 😉

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