On being a professional

Every now and then I say something that makes me think, Yeah. That was good. Today is one of those days. So I turned it into a meme.

Presented here without further comment…


Do what you love

I haven’t been posting here nearly enough.

The good news is that part of the reason is because I’m working on planning a short story series set in the same world as Watch Night! (Wait – you say you have never heard of Watch Night? Go sign up for my mailing list to get your free copy!)

The bad news is that, well, I haven’t been posting here nearly enough. Ahem.

But today, I am posting.

I heard a fantabulous quote from the fantabulous Jim Carrey, and I can’t resist. I have to share.

I’ll be honest – I cringe a little bit at some of his overall comments. He has a very different belief system than I do. That said, wisdom is wisdom, no matter where you find it.


Thank you, Jim Carrey, for reminding people to reach for their dreams.

You can hear just this piece of his speech on YouTube.